Currently, these are clicks, registrations, ftd, ndc, deposits, net revenue, revenue share, cpa revenue and total revenue. However, AFFREPORT provides only the information that is available in your account. More reporting choices will be added in the future as our development progresses.
We synchronize the statistics automatically twice a day. The previous day's results are updated by noon (CET). In addition, we do a check every evening for the last seven days. This will ensure that any program not being updated with the morning run, will be included in the evening update.
Safety and security are our top priority. Rest assured that we are using at all times the latest encryption and security solutions to keep your data safe, today and in the future.
In theory yes, practically no. As per our company policy, we never look into client statistics without prior consent. In cases where we need to look at your account information for development or enquiries related to software / data issues, we will ask for your consent first.
No, although we have been an affiliate in the past, but sold our affiliate business prior to launching AFFREPORT for public use. We did use though the reporting tool earlier for our company operations and evaluations. Currently, our team consists of three i-Gaming experts, none of which has any ownership in affiliate companies. We concentrate on bringing AFFREPORT to affiliates.
Never ever. Privacy and trust are the most important priorities in our operations. This is something we will never negotiate, not today and at no point in the future.